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Twins Special Flames Boxing Gloves
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Flames Boxing Gloves
List Price: $119.99 CAD
$79.99 CAD and up
Reevo Gel Wraps
translation missing: en.Reevo
Gel Wraps
$24.99 CAD
Macho Dyna Punch
translation missing: en.Macho
Dyna Punch
$44.99 CAD
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Kuma Vinyl Boxing Gloves - Custom
On Sale!
Kuma Nylon Fist Pads
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Nylon Fist Pads
List Price: $19.99 CAD
$3.99 CAD
On Sale!
Hayabusa Winged Strike Competition Gloves
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Winged Strike Competition Gloves
List Price: $82.99 CAD
$76.99 CAD
Hayabusa Sport Training Glove
translation missing: en.Hayabusa
Sport Training Glove
$57.99 CAD and up
Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Gloves
translation missing: en.Hayabusa
Pro Muay Thai Gloves
$117.99 CAD and up
On Sale!
Hayabusa Muay Thai Bag Gloves
translation missing: en.Hayabusa
Muay Thai Bag Gloves
List Price: $96.49 CAD
$59.99 CAD
In-Stock Soon
Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite 3.0 Boxing Gloves