Hatashita International

Hatashita International has a long legacy of martial arts in Canada. Beginning after the war, John and Frank Hatashita began trading in judogi and karategi from Japan and became the first exporters of Mizuno products in the world. John trained in Japan with judo masters while Frank used his exceptional judo and communication skills to build awareness of judo and martial arts in North America. Frank would eventually become Pan Am Judo Federation President and VP of the IJF while subsequently running what was then the "Mecca” of all martial arts in Canada from his Queen street location in Toronto. Frank Hatashita was the first inductee into the Canadian martial arts hall of fame. John Hatashita trained and coached 3 Olympic judoka.

In the early 2000’s, Roman Hatashita, a judo Olympian and many time national champion took over the fledgling operation and has grown it to be a prominent martial arts supplier in North America. The world's best brands come to Hatashita International when they require distribution of their products.

Hatashita International is comprised of 3 divisions of which all are dedicated to servicing our customers and the martial arts combat sports industry:

Wholesale Distribution

Hatashita International provides the community with the world's best martial arts and combat sport brands. We carry a extensive inventory of products to provide fast and efficient service to clubs and organizations throughout North America. For over 60 years Hatashita has been trusted and relied upon for quality, service and value. If you operate your own dojo and are tired of poor service and would like to become one of our valued customers we would love to have your aboard. Simply complete an inquiry and we will get back to you right away.

If you have or are building a successful brand we encourage you to contact us if you require strong representation in Canada. We have unparalleled experience representing and promoting martial arts and combat sports brands.


Hatashita International has dedicated factories in Germany, China, Canada, Mexico and Pakistan. Our manufacturing facilities are committed to producing the best gear in the world. If you are seeking a reliable manufacturer for your brand, please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

We produce custom made or branded products such as kimonos, gis, combat gear, apparel or sewn goods. We can provide concept, design, packaging, manufacturing and even distribution for your brand.

Draw from our 60 years of experience and extensive understanding of the North American markets to create products that rise above the competition. Brands, dojos or organizations that are seeking manufacturing can benefit from our superior service, competitive prices and our expertise.  


Our Waterloo, Ontario warehouse has a showroom open to the public. Anyone can purchase all our listed products plus a selection of apparel right in our retail store.

What we believe

At Hatashita International we value honesty, integrity and respect. The foundation of our business practices are based upon these values.

How we achieve

Our company is built on providing high quality products and personalized service to dojos and clubs throughout North America. With the simple formula of good value and good service, we have attracted the business of many of the largest, most respected organizations in the world.

We Are Proud of These Notable Customers and Accomplishments

  • Supplier of mats and uniforms for the 2015 Pan Am Games.
  • Supplier to the US Army for combat mats.
  • Official supplier of combat training gear to the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Supply of training gear to Canadian troops in Afghanistan.
  • Supplier to Canadian Border Services.
  • Supplier of combat training gear and tatami mats to the RCMP.
  • Supplier of tatami mats to Judo Canada.
  • Supplier to Judo Ontario.
  • Supplier to Canada Winter Games.
  • Supplier of uniforms and gear to Olympic athletes.


  • Official Canadian distributor of Mizuno and Fuji martial arts gear.
  • Exclusive distributor of Reevo & Reevo's Award Winnning R9 MMA Gear.
  • Distributor of Hayabusa Fight Gear.
  • Canadian distributor of Macho gear.
  • Western hemisphere distributor of DAX tatami.
  • Manufacturer and distributor for KUMA Fight Technology gear.
  • Official distributor of Fighting Films.
  • Official distributor of Cleto Reyes boxing equipment.
  • Official Canadian distributor of Dollamur FlexiRoll mats.

Giving Back

We are dedicated to supporting amateur sports, athletes and various non-profit organizations to help make this world a better place.


Facilitating micro loans for people to entrepreneurs in third world countries.


Sponsoring communities in need.




Sponsored Tournaments:

HATASHITA INTERNATIONAL feels tournaments are an important facet to the enjoyment of sport. We support tournaments with donations and reduced pricing for supplies to assist in their success.

Some of the events we support:
  • Toronto 2015 - Pan Am & Para Pan Games
  • Canadian Judo Championships.
  • Edmonton International Championships.
  • Hatashita International Judo Tournament.
  • Tora Judo Championship.

Contact us today if you would like to have Hatashita be part of your team.