The History of Fuji Judo Gi

The History of Fuji Judo Gi

Roman Hatashita tells how his father, John Hatashita, and uncle Frank Hatashita brought the first Fuji Judo gi to Canada so Canadians could practice Judo with the appropriate uniform.

After the war, Frank Hatashita, who was in Japan, started sending Fuji Judo Gis' to his Brother John so he could practice and teach Judo in Canada. That is what began Fuji and Hatashita International.

The heritage of the Fuji Gi goes back many, many years, and in fact, if you are not wearing a Fuji Judo Gi, the chances are, your sensei and his sensei did.

During all these years, Hatashita International refined and improved the Gi with new models, cuts, and more. Also, as everyone knows, the International Judo Federation, from time to time, changes the requirements and regulations for Judo Uniforms, and we have been proactive with those changes and adjusting to them.

Fuji has two models of Judo Gi the Student Judo Gi and the Setsugi. As the name suggests, the Student Judogi is a starter model, and the Setsugi is the more advanced one. This one has three different styles Tokai, Nippon, and Canada. Despite not having the IJF label, the Setsugi Gis have IJF standards and can be used in any domestic competition.

Watch the video below to see Roman Hatashita give all the details on each Fuji Judo Gi.
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