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The History of Judo in Canada (Book)

$39.99 CAD

The History of Judo in Canada was published in its original version in 1998 by Glynn Arthur Leyshon to mark the 40th Judo Canada anniversary. Today, Nicolas Gill offers an update of this story that takes into account the many developments over the past twenty years of this still little known sport.

The new book now contains biographies of 26 tatami heroes and heroines, 22 biographies of pioneers and builders as well as several sections on Canadian and international arbitration, the development of judo among women, the move from the National Judo Center to Montreal, and the repertoire of Canadian Kodansha.

You will also find a list of international tournaments in Canada as well as archive data on the various groups of medalists. A reflection on the future of Judo in Canada closes this new compilation.