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Hatashita Karate Scoreboard

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Height of digits: 9cm, easily visible for over 30m. 

-Scores: Buttons for adding +1, +2 or +3 points. 

-Cautions/Penalties: CAT1 and CAT2. 

-Contest time programmable. Acoustic signal to indicate "xx seconds to the end" (programmable) and the end of contest time. 10 seconds Timer used when the combatant fall to the ground. Acoustic signal to alert "x seconds before to get the 10 seconds" (programmable). 

-Acoustic signal automatic to the end of the time and to the pre-end warnings, programmable with 3 different types of sound and 3 levels of volume. 

-Training mode: programming of "action-pause" sequences by the setting of the Action time, Pause time and Number of sequences; useful for kick-boxing, boxing, fitness environments, etc. 

-Casing: light, resistant and easily transportable. 

-Console with bright display behind the scoreboard for easy table use. Dirt-proof and waterproof membrane keyboard. 

-Out/In serial ports for linking various scoreboards in cascade and for a variety of displays in different positions and angles. 

-Dimensions and weight: 55x35x9.5cm, 3.6kg.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.