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Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat System

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Wrestling Mats


Dollamur Flexi-Roll™ Mats

Flexi-Roll™ Wrestling Mats are designed to be ultra-portable, easy-to-assemble and last and last and last. The Dollamur Flexi-Roll™ is used at more colleges and universities than any other wrestling mat in North America.

Here's why:

  • Highest quality closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam that will never shrink, harden, crack or peel
  • Forever maintains it's shock absorption and resiliency
  • Available in: 1 5/8" & 2" thicknesses
  • Standard 6' wide and available in any length
  • Customizable by size, colour, logo and lettering
  • Five Year Limited Warranty
  • Never requires reconditioning like the old school mats

FILA Approved Mats

Hatashita is the Canadian supplier of Dollamur wrestling mats, newly certified by FILA for use at all events. Standard FILA size is 42" x 42" x 2". Custom sizes are available.

Totally Customizable

Add your logo, markings or sponsorships to any mat. We can design and make any shape mat to fit your unique requirements. A wide range of mat colours are available to make your mats outstanding.

Have rings, markings or your organization represented on your Flexi-Roll™ mats. We work with the most talented artists in the business to ensure your logo is faithfully reproduced down to the last detail.

Tape-Free, Hassle-Free Solution for Flexi-Roll™ Mats

If your mats are used temporarily or periodically needs to be moved the Flexi-Connect™ option is the solution for your Flexi-Roll™ Mats that enables Flexi-Roll™ products to be bound without the use of tape or Velcro™ strips, thus dramatically minimizing the setup and take-down time. PLUS your area will be seamless with no gaps to get toes and joints caught.

The Flexi-Connect™ feature also saves hundreds of dollars normally spent on tape every year and is a green solution for the kilos of wasted mat tape that normally go to the landfill.

Wrestling Area Price:
36'x36'x1 5/8" - $9,999,00CAD

CALL TO ORDER - 1 800-586-5836