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WDS Instructor Suit

The WDS Instructor Suit has the same lightweight and shock dispersing construction as the XP, but has the added advantage of "Impact Mesh" for durability and use with RedMan-approved training projectiles. The suit also features our newest head gear designed for training with these projectiles. The head gear includes the foam Head with Safety Glasses, a Mask with lens, and the Head Vent Cover. These four items should be worn together for maximum protection.
  • D2 System: Weapon Defense Head
  • Vinyl Collar
  • WDS Instructor Throat Guard
  • WDS Instructor Shoulder Guards
  • WDS Instructor Body Guard
  • WDS Elbow-Forearm Guards
  • WDS Instructor Inner Forearm Guards
  • WDS Instructor Lower Abdominal Pad
  • WDS Instructor Rear Guard
  • WDS Instructor Thigh Guard Harness
  • WDS Instructor Thigh Guards
  • WDS Instructor Lower Leg Guards
  • Storage Bag
  • Instruction Manual
  • Use and Care DVD
  • Repair Kit
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
$2,249.99 CAD

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