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Dollamur Flexi-Roll Yoga Flooring

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Yoga & Pilates Flooring

Yoga Flooring by Dollamur is quickly becoming the standard at professional studios. If you are looking for a cushioned, dry, odour eliminating flooring surface, Dollamur is the answer! Our yoga flooring will keep your clients comfortable, allowing them to focus on balance, strength and breathing. Flooring can be installed wall-to-wall, maximizing your floor space and helps prevent slips and falls as clients step off their personal mats.

Why Dollamur Yoga & Pilates Floor?

Low Impact Flooring to Reduces Joint Pain
Do you suffer from joint pain? You’re not alone! The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality released a 2012 study that showed 40% of healthy weight adults reported suffering from joint pain. That number jumped to 58% for adults who are obese (defined as roughly 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight). The injury starts out very small, so your client does not really notice the pain, but over time the damage caused by the repeated stress can be severe. It is for that reason your yoga flooring needs to provide support for your clients.


Traditional Yoga Flooring

Dollamur Yoga Flooring is available in five and six foot widths and your choice of 1/2”, 3/4” or 1” thickness. Our premium vinyl is permanently adhered to cross-linked polyethylene foam to provide the comfort your clients desire and the durability you expect. Delivered in large rolls, setup is a breeze and can easily be trimmed for wall to wall installation. Transform your studio with a high end, custom look.

Available in Sandlewood or Rosewood finish.

Sandlewood  Rosewood