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PS-W Wrestling Scoreboard

$879.99 CAD

The PS-W is an electronic scoreboard ideal for Greek-Roman wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling and Female wrestling. Programmed to work with the current rules of FILA (Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees.

  • Height of digits: 9cm, easily visible at distances greater than 30 meters.
  • Scores: 0 to 99 per athlete
  • Warnings: 3 bright points per athlete
  • Wins: 2 luminous points per athlete (2 + 2 blue red)
  • Periods: From 0 to 9
  • Stopwatch: From 0:00 to 9:59. Time can be run forwards or backwards. Five different programmable timers.
  • Acoustic Signal: Programmable with three different types of sound and three different levels of volume.
  • Training mode: Programming of sequences "Action-pause" by the setting of the action time, pause time and number of sequences
  • Casing: Light and portable
  • Console control: Bright display behind the scoreboard for easy use. Dirt and liquid proof.
  • Serial ports: Connect to various other scoreboards
  • •Dimensions and weight: 55 x 35 x 9.5cm. 3.6kg

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.